Photo Journeys of Daniel and Robbie Wisdom


Taking photos of ocean flora and fauna became a passion for us 20 years ago when we took up scuba diving and discovered our diving styles were not similar. Daniel wanted to cover a lot of territory, while Robbie wanted to take the time to explore small, colorful and mysterious creatures. Robbie suggested they take photos as a means to slow down Daniel and so that she could remember the details of what she discovered. Daniel’s artistic sense for the qualities of light, texture and composition soon became apparent. To find the intense colors in our photography, we carry small flashlights which we shine on subjects before using flash to take the photos. You look at our photos and you see all kinds of colors, but you don’t see them with the naked eye when you’re down there. We have found that there are thousands of species and great diversity with each variety of sea slugs, one of Robbie's first interests. We've only just begun to learn all the habitats and how to spot them there. Many of them, when you take away the bright light, virtually disappear. You have to understand the environment to even see them.

As time as gone on, we have branched out into other forms of photography. We are especially fond of the mountain and backcountry scenery around our new home in Montana. We spend a good deal hiking and backpacking around the region and are now including photos from some of those trips on this site. Enjoy!




Links to Favorite Trips


Diving Adventures

Great Barrier Reef 2007

Solomon Islands 2001

Solomon Islands 2003

Solomon Islands 2007

Lembeh Straits 2006



Wakatobi 2009

Solomon Islands 2009

Lembeh Straits 2010

Solomon Islands 2010

Komodo Island 2012

Raja Ampat 2013

Lembeh Straits 2013

Solomon Islands 2014

Bonaire 2015

Phillipines 2017


Outdoor Adventures

Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho 2014

Spepp Ranch, Salmon River Idaho

Hiking Trips 2015

Bitterroot Valley Fall Colours